Update 2/19

It’s Monday! No school again since it’s President’s Day.

Today we did a bunch of cleanup and details on the Farmland level. Mob sounds are added, and Hina’s sounds were reworked to sound less scratchy. We added in a badly-animated miniboss (Giant Frog!!!!) to continue the Suwako storyline.


Also, the wing animation has been redrawn so it actually looks good!

Most development right now is focusing on the Kappa Valley level. Right now I’m about halfway through with building the map. The obstacles (conveyor belt, a machine press, and some Kappa mobs) are all finished, I’m just figuring out how to place them to make a fun level.


The actual Nitori boss right is working, but missing spellcards for her two robot stages. The animation sprite is also really bad, so we’re redrawing them.

We started planning out the Tenshi stage, which will involve lots of platforming and pillars. The player unlocks the wall-climbing ability for this stage, so it’s going to be a very mobile stage.

Finally, the trailer for RAIN has been completed! We’ve submitted our game profile to Steam for review, and it should be live in a few days (under “Coming Soon”)!


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