Update 3/6

Today is Steam release day!! At least just for the trailer. Finally we can go public that we are building this game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/810780/RAIN_Project/

Sounds for Aki miniboss are finished even though we forgot to push to Github, nice. Background music for Nitori robot is going smoothly. We want a different soundtrack for the robot side of the right since instead of the playful Nitori its going to be a big epic robot man. We cleaned up some of the Nitori robot animations and started work on Tenshi’s spellcard picture. For Tenshi’s level we are modifying parts of the game engine so that moving platforms work a lot smoother. Finally, Nitori’s level is basically finished with decorations and mobs, all that is left are the NPC quests and spellcards for the boss.

2 thoughts on “Update 3/6”

  1. Congratulations!As a fan of your game,I want to ask if you have plan to make other language version?If you guys need help with traslation,I can help with the translations!


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