Update 3/21: Stuff is getting done!!

Hello hello. We’re finally getting into the routine of things and making good progress! Its going to be a busy two months.

For animations, we finished the Tengu! They will be scattered throughout the caves of Yokai mountain.


Also, here’s a preview of Tenshi’s shape-shifting sword! Tenshi’s boss fight will be unique, as she’s going to be the much more mobile than the previous bosses.


On the level design side, we are working on both the Cave and Pillars levels. For the cave level, we are taking an evil approach. Enjoy the many winding passages and dead ends.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.03.41 PM

The sounds for Nitori’s level are completed, as well as background music for the Cave and Pillars levels, as well as Aya’s boss theme.

Finally, we’re starting to add in the comfort-of-life features, like this beautiful pause screen.

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