Update 3/27: The other wind god

Selamat Pagi!! Good work is getting done. If we can keep up with this pace then RAIN project will release on time!

On the side of boss fights, Tenshi is progressing smoothly. We’re steadily working on the animations while we design the spell cards. New this week is Aya Shameimaru! Once Sanae gets past the caves of Youkai Mountain, the fastest Tengu will stand in your way.

Aya’s fight is going to be a special one. Instead of fighting on solid ground like the previous bosses, the duel takes place among a crumbling mountain. Sanae has to dash and wallclimb among the falling rocks while outmaneuvering Aya’s spellcards.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.45.13 AM

Cave level design is just about finished. The Youkai Mountain caves are very mazelike, and there’s many ways to progress through the level. Depending on which direction you take, there could be Tengu to fight or stalactites to navigate around.

Finally a bunch of the sounds for Nitori’s have been wrapped up. Background music and boss fight music is progressing very nicely — the music actually makes the game feel so much more complete.

Next week — final touches on Aya, and the first appearance of Moriya Shrine.


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