Update 4/19: The Origins of Sanae Kochiya

Buenos dias! We’re late this week on the blog post, oops. But the team continues to steadily move forward.

A big point: we finally created the introductory scene, showcasing Sanae’s story in the world of reality. For us players, we see only a short walk through Moriya Shrine, but for Sanae, it’s her childhood growing up with two gods. Also bonus: short-haired child Sanae!! A super cute addition.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.25.44 PMThis introduction seed should (hopefully) plant the storyline for the rest of RAIN Project, leading Sanae to explore an unknown Gensokyo. Nearing the end of her adventure, Sanae’s past will return in stunning fashion. Without spoiling too much, let’s say that Sanae will experience a coming-of-age story of her own — overcoming her past to move forwards into a brighter future.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.31.06 PM

On the topic of the other levels, backgrounds for a bunch of the stages have been drawn and are ready to put in the game. We need to do a bunch of tweaking to make the parallax look nice, but the assets should basically be wrapped up.

The goal for this week: finish the Pillars (Tenshi) level!! And also the boss fight. This has been in progress for like a month now — and this will be the final week. Tenshi has the most hand-drawn animation frames out of any boss, so it’s sure to be a good fight.

Mobs for the Pillars level, and quests for the Cave level are completed as well. It finally feels like we’re reaching the end. Just 6 more weeks to go!

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