Update 4/29: The bosses that smack you in the face


Gooan daginn! This week introduces two bosses with a mean personality: Kanako and Tenshi. These guys will get in up and personal and smash your face in. Ouch.


Tenshi’s boss fight revolves around revolutions. She has a bunch of attack animations (the most in the game!) coupled with a stage that moves and shifts. Dodge her skills and attack her while she’s vulnerable!


Kanako’s fight is the final climax. We’re not gonna spoil anything, but there’s three main stages, involving a section fighting alongside a beautiful sunrise. Kanako’s a god of the heavens, but she’s not afraid to get down and dirty with her fighting style. Who follows the spellcard rules anyways?

On a higher level, this week and the next mark the last weeks of content creation. We’re finishing up our final bosses and quests, including an extra stage (return of Suwako?!). Afterwards, the whole team is joining up on cleanup duty as we polish all the nooks and crannies and smack down bugs.

As always, thanks for the support! Omake:



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