Update 3/21: Stuff is getting done!!

Hello hello. We’re finally getting into the routine of things and making good progress! Its going to be a busy two months.

For animations, we finished the Tengu! They will be scattered throughout the caves of Yokai mountain.


Also, here’s a preview of Tenshi’s shape-shifting sword! Tenshi’s boss fight will be unique, as she’s going to be the much more mobile than the previous bosses.


On the level design side, we are working on both the Cave and Pillars levels. For the cave level, we are taking an evil approach. Enjoy the many winding passages and dead ends.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.03.41 PM

The sounds for Nitori’s level are completed, as well as background music for the Cave and Pillars levels, as well as Aya’s boss theme.

Finally, we’re starting to add in the comfort-of-life features, like this beautiful pause screen.


Tenshi preview

Here we are again with another update. Here is the Tenshi spellcard for the stage that we are working on.TenshiSpellcard


We also made numerous changes to the game engine and fixed a lot of bugs. Moving platforms now work without issues! The rest of the Tenshi stage is still in progress. All of the Nitori stage is finished, and one of our artists has begun work on tengu NPCs. Music is also coming along nicely.

Thank you for reading through our blogs. Please stay tuned for more updates on our progress!



Update 3/6

Today is Steam release day!! At least just for the trailer. Finally we can go public that we are building this game.

Sounds for Aki miniboss are finished even though we forgot to push to Github, nice. Background music for Nitori robot is going smoothly. We want a different soundtrack for the robot side of the right since instead of the playful Nitori its going to be a big epic robot man. We cleaned up some of the Nitori robot animations and started work on Tenshi’s spellcard picture. For Tenshi’s level we are modifying parts of the game engine so that moving platforms work a lot smoother. Finally, Nitori’s level is basically finished with decorations and mobs, all that is left are the NPC quests and spellcards for the boss.

Update 2/19

It’s Monday! No school again since it’s President’s Day.

Today we did a bunch of cleanup and details on the Farmland level. Mob sounds are added, and Hina’s sounds were reworked to sound less scratchy. We added in a badly-animated miniboss (Giant Frog!!!!) to continue the Suwako storyline.


Also, the wing animation has been redrawn so it actually looks good!

Most development right now is focusing on the Kappa Valley level. Right now I’m about halfway through with building the map. The obstacles (conveyor belt, a machine press, and some Kappa mobs) are all finished, I’m just figuring out how to place them to make a fun level.


The actual Nitori boss right is working, but missing spellcards for her two robot stages. The animation sprite is also really bad, so we’re redrawing them.

We started planning out the Tenshi stage, which will involve lots of platforming and pillars. The player unlocks the wall-climbing ability for this stage, so it’s going to be a very mobile stage.

Finally, the trailer for RAIN has been completed! We’ve submitted our game profile to Steam for review, and it should be live in a few days (under “Coming Soon”)!


Update 2/16

No school on Friday! So we were able to get a lot of work done.

The music for Hina is basically finished, and it sounds great. We had some trouble writing the Nitori music, since when she transitions into her giant robot form the fight gets more intense-y.

Hina’s spellcard picture is done! We tried to go for a “smirking” pose, since this is Possessed Hina. The transition from red->purple is also on her dress.

Finally, we did work on the Kappa Valley level. Conveyor belts now work properly and push you around, and there’s also some kappa engineers running around with robots that try and shoot your face. Right now I’m trying to think of platforming challenges that incorporate all the moving elements of the kappa valley, so hopefully that gets done this week.

Update 2/14

Good morning!

Another week of slow but steady progress:

  • Bamboo forest level now has objects that parallax in the front
  • Hina’s fight now has sounds effects and a background music track
Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.22.15 AM
Sneak preview
  • Sprites for kappas are being drawn
  • Planning for the Kappa Valley level is underway! The boss is of course Nitori. This is going to be a level with lots of moving obstacles, so be careful.